About Lori Janeson

Lori Janeson lives in Manitoba. She divides her time between her family home in the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba, and her vacation home on the shores of Lake Winnipeg, about two hours north of the provincial capital.

Lori Janeson: Gull Harbour Marina

For much of the year, Lori spends the bulk of her days on site at Gull Harbour Marina, a resort and marina property near the tip of picturesque Hecla Island, in the historic region of New Iceland.

She and David, her husband, co-own the marina. Since 2016, they’ve overseen a major refurbishment project that’s seen updates to the restaurant, boat storage and docking facilities, machine shops, and guest rooms. Lori’s primary purview is the guest area — “I should own stock in IKEA,” she jokes.

Lori Janeson: A Love of the Outdoors

Gull Harbour is just one part of Lori and David’s life. The couple has three children: one about to enter middle school, one in high school, and one about to head off to university. Lori is an active mom, devoting her mornings and afternoons to transporting and chaperoning her busy kids.

Lori and the kids spend much of their free time outdoors, weather permitting. Lori is a passionate nature photographer and kayaker; her children love hiking, snowshoeing, and biking through their home province’s pristine forests, prairies, and wetlands.

The Janeson family regularly escapes Manitoba as well. They’ve been to Mexico, Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand, and Fiji, along with more cosmopolitan destinations like Hong Kong, London, and Paris. And, at least once per summer, the clan heads west to the Saskatchewan family farm where Lori spent her formative years.